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Giới Thiệu is currently ranked No. 1 in terms of the number of posts and visits in automobile portals in Vietnam, according to the world’s prestigious assessment tool – SimilarWeb. What made a so “ecstatic”? and remarkable achievements

Born in 2015, (formerly was built and developed by Dai Viet Group – a prestigious technology and media corporation in Vietnam. The juniors of (the largest real estate information channel in Southeast Asia) have made great progress and achieved many impressive achievements to rise to the top in the domestic car industry. – The most reputable online car buying and selling channel a1’s constantly growing “talking” numbers

Currently, has 22 million page views, 6 million hits, 32,000 ads and a total of 1,200 new user accounts monthly; 2.4-12 times larger and equivalent to a growth rate of 20-200% compared to the initial time.

What makes different? owns a friendly interface and constantly innovates, intuitive information filters integrate many features and optimal utilities for users. Moreover, the website is also a car news channel that quickly updates, multi-dimensionally all hot car events at home and abroad to send to readers and car lovers. – The most prestigious online car buying and selling channel in Vietnam a3.

Buying and selling cars becomes more convenient and simple at

Not outside of online shopping in the 4.0 technology era, continues to maintain its unmatched strength in advertising in Vietnam. Thanks to superior SEO technology, customers’ ads always show up in the first rankings on search channels. And yet, is also the first car channel in the country to apply modern 3D Scanning technology to help users have a more realistic experience of the car models for sale on the website. With a smart search engine, an optimized classification system and a huge inventory of ads, will help shorten the time and quickly connect sellers – buyers on the four-wheeled road of buying.

In addition, is also one of the very few pioneering websites in connecting support service providers with users wishing to buy a car, including a system of dealers – car showrooms, car dealerships and car dealerships. service center – prestigious garage for car care and maintenance, car loan support banks, insurance consulting companies … Thanks to the selective and professional cooperation, information is transmitted to Customers always ensure the most accuracy and reliability.